Iqaluit Thumbnails

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From TOP Left to Right:

  • A view of Iqaluit from a distance. The bright yellow speck centre right is the airport which is west of town.
  • VOR antenna. I walked on this - amazing!
  • A peaceful but cold view of the land and the tide.
  • A view of the newer, modern, bright, houses of Iqaluit.

    BOTTOM Left to Right:

  • Near the village of Apex, looking south at Frobisher Bay.
  • Just east of Iqaluit, near the dump, Barry is scrounging for something to use as a mast.
  • The strange leaning antennas belonging to DND/NAVCAN, I think,
  • Downtown Iqaluit - note traffic, and construction. Centre is Bank of Mtrl, then Post Office. This is a bustling community.

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