Amateur Radio Mini-Expedition to Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada VY0 Land

This information is approximate.

The Expedition Is Over

Our Iqaluit Grid Square was FP53rs

Lyne VE3ASO was present for these QSOs and was a great deal of help during our little expedition, especially getting the antennas up and working, and helping us maintain a positive attitude under adverse conditions.

All contacts were on 20M USB. 40M was absolutely dead up there. Next time we will focus on the high bands only.

We used dipole antennas which favoured east and west. Unfortunately, this is not the best orientation when you are north of 60, but it was the best that we could do considering our digs and the environment. Next time I'd like to try a vertical, either roof top or car top. If someone would like to donate or sell (cheap) an ATAS-100, it would really be appreciated.

Successful QSO's by VE3CVG/VY0
UTC Date Time Call Name Location RS Sent RS Rcvd
2000-09-21 0032 VE3XJ Jim Rockland, On, Canada 59 35
2000-09-21 0045 VA3WK Manfred Kanata, ON, Canada 48 33
2000-09-21 2320 EA3JE Lou Barcelona, Spain 59 59
2000-09-22 0215 WD8AHR Brian SE Wisconsin, USA 57 54
2000-09-22 0340 W7OG John Whitby Island, Washington, USA 59 59
2000-09-22 1120 GI4TUJ Bill Belfast, Ireland 58 46
2000-09-22 1120 VE3ILA Lloyd ON, Canada 55 46

Successful QSO's by VE3NJK/VY0
UTC Date Time Call Name Location RS Sent RS Rcvd
2000-09-21 0038 VE8SMF Stuart Inuvik, NWT, Canada 57 43
2000-09-21 2326 EA3JE Lou Barcelona, Spain 59 59
2000-09-22 0230 WD8AHR Brian SE Wisconsin, USA 57 54


Iqaluit is located on Baffin Island in Canada's north and is the capital of Canada's new territory, Nunavut. Baffin Island has the IOTA designator of NT-001. Note that Iqaluit is on CDT (Central Daylight Time) - strange but true. For more info on Iqaluit see the following web sites:


  • VE3NJK/VY0 - Barry
  • VE3ASO/VY0 - Lyne
  • VE3CVG/VY0 - Rick

    Expected frequencies:

  • 7.075 MHz
  • 14.140 MHz (These are approximate only)


  • SSB phone only.

    Operating times:

  • 1930hrs (Iqaluit) or 0030hrs (UTC) or 2030hrs (EDT) on Wednesday, Sept.20 and Thursday, Sept.21 evening.
  • 0730hrs (Iqaluit) or 1230hrs (UTC) or 0830hrs (EDT) on Thursday, Sept.21 morning, and possibly Friday Sept.22 morning.


  • Yaesu FT100 either vehicle powered or local AC.
  • Antennas will be inverted "V"'s near the ground.

    Other Info:

  • QSL to the address of the operator, available from the Industry Canada database via RAC site.
  • Custom QSL cards will be sent to all contacts which send us QSL cards.
  • For more info contact Rick

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