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First a few words about the pictures. The images on the following pages started out as conventional, 4" x 6" photographic prints. They were scanned in via my scanner, at 200 dpi and saved as bitmaps or bmp files. At this point they were each about 5 Mb in size.

I then converted some of my favourites to jpg files. This reduced them to between 50 and 90 Kb each. While these were quite good in quality, they were still too large and would take several minutes to load if the viewer was using a slower dial-up connection.

So then I reduced each image to an 800 x 600 pixel image (compatible with a large majority of browser settings). This brought most of the images to between 20 and 40 Kb. The load time is not too bad, but the image quality is less than I like so I did not reduce them further.

So if you think all my pictures are a little fuzzy - sorry but a lot of resolution has been lost between the 5 Mb bmp file and the 20 Kb jpg file.

To keep the load times reasonable, I have grouped the pictures into logical sets. Note than when you choose a link, the entire group loads and presents you with a strip of pictures and a return button.

Hope you enjoy the show!


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